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What does the listing agent need in order to submit an offer?

A complete contract, with every issue in the contract addressed.

If you are getting a mortgage you need a pre-approval letter from a bank or mortgage company that states what type of loan you are getting and how much you will be financing is very useful.

If the offer is cash you will need to provide proof of funds (proof that the buyer has access to the funds to pay for the property) is very useful.

Proof of earnest money.

Can the listing agent submit your offer if you do not provide a pre-approval letter, proof of funds or proof of earnest money?
Yes. However, the listing agent is also required to put in the comment section of the offer "there is no pre-approval letter," or whatever else is missing. You will not be able to get an offer accepted without the missing documentation and the missing documentation could keep you from winning the bid in a multiple situation.

Is there anything that can actually keep an offer from being submitted into the system?

Yes. There are questions in the system that are in required fields. Answers are required in order for the system to take the bid.  Information about the buyer that is required in order to submit the offer into the system:

Is the buyer(s):

an owner occupant or investor?
a the licensed real estate agent?
a Freddie Mac employee or servicer?
a former owner of the property or relative?
Without answers to these questions the system will not take the bid. The offer can be emailed to the listing agent's sales specialist, so that it is legally submitted, but it will not be considered until these questions are answered. In a multiple situation this missing information could keep you from winning the bid.